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Here we hope to give you plenty of useful tips to help you create an eco friendly home.
You may have noticed that the world has started to embrace the idea of us all improving our carbon footprint and reducing our carbon footprint as a global community.

Many people have preconceptions when it comes to being environmentally friendly, assuming alternative products and solutions are weak and cannot perform as well as the brands they rely on. You might be surprised to know that many of those large brands you enjoy are making a huge effort to embrace nature and adjust their products to make less of a negative environmental impact.
You may have also noticed more big name eco brands appearing on the television advertising their products, able to afford mass advertising because their products are proving so popular in the supermarkets. The government are also pushing forward with plans to encourage businesses and the public to start taking action and reducing their carbon footprint. Both the green scheme and renewable heat incentive encourage businesses and homeowners to make changes to their home that save them money long term and reduce their environmental impact so there are benefits all round.
Here are some simple, eco friendly heating and energy products you can implement in your home to save you money:

Biomass Boilers and Solar Panels

A biomass boiler is a boiler that operates using biomass which can be wood chips, wood pellets or other organic material like wood pulp and vegetable mass. Commercial biomass boilers are used to provide businesses with heating, apartment blocks and small communities also sometimes use commercial biomass boilers as a cheaper way to heat several buildings at a time. Homeowners also use Biomass heating as a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels. The governments green scheme can grant loans to homeowners looking to make eco friendly improvements. The government's renewable heat incentive is a way to receive payments back long term, this incentive is currently only available to business owners. For more information on the renewable heat incentive please visit the following link; https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/increasing-the-use-of-low-carbon-technologies/supporting-pages/renewable-heat-incentive-rhi

Solar Panels are another great addition to your home that can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. The price of solar panel installation has also decreased over the last few years making them much more of an accessible purchase.

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